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Your personal network activity management tool

Blockchain is a new type of organization and management in the economy.
Primavera de Filippi - Blockchain researcher @CNRS
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iCod Application
In the process of creating our platform, we were guided by the following principles.

iCod Information Symmetry

Personal Information Security
Available now
— Single Registration
— Privacy and encryption

Blockchain for all

Use your personal storage
Internet Identity Code
Access to information only by a unique personal digital code
Internal audit
Analysis and regular checks of the software part
Public audit
Conducted by external and internal auditors within the iCod network
Corporate segment
Corporate segment
Effective information asset. for business
App for IOS and Android
Application for IOS and Android
The application is compatible with all modern browsers
Installing the application on the device is optional

Archive-digital automation

The system controls the digital profile
Encapsulating Contracts
Combine all contracts on one platform
2019, Q2
- Development of the iCod concept
- Counseling with industry specialists
2019, Q3
- Start developing the SOTA file system
- Launch the bounty program
- Announcement of the concept iCod
- Translation and adaptation of information resources into popular languages
2019, Q4
- Begin Development of the SOTA
- Expansion of iCod infrastructure
- Beginning create architecture of State Channel Scorer
- Creation and implementation of an external SOTA contour.
2020, Q1
- Start Development State Channel Scorer
- Launch Blockchain Explorer
2020, Q2
- Begin Development of Information Ledger Assistant
- Issuing Tokens to Bounty Participants
- Preparation of the host distribution package
- Launch iCod Blockchain Test Network
- The first vote on the test network for delegates.
2020, Q3
- Publish iCod public documentation for developers
- Opening the SOTA source code for a public audit of the system
- Integration with the public Blockchain repository.
- Fixing the subtotals of the iCod network in Bitcoin Blockchain
- Begin development of the Android application
2020, Q4
- Independent Security Audit
- Installing iCod Business to Partner Companies
- Marketing Campaigns